The trend of domestic solar lithium battery street light?

The trend of domestic solar lithium battery street light?

Is the lithium battery expensive or battery expensive?

The emergence of solar street lights has greatly facilitated people's travel activities, and now China pays great attention to the development and construction of rural areas, and also attaches great importance to rural road construction, solar street lights on both sides of the rural streets for people to light the way home, but also to improve the rural living environment, improve the traditional street light energy consumption and environmental pollution problems.

  In the rural road construction work, solar street lights with the technical advantages of the use of solar panels into electricity for lighting, breaking the limitations of the traditional street lights using utility power, to achieve self-sufficient lighting in rural areas, solving the problem of high power consumption and electricity costs in rural areas. In the rural solar street light configuration, can not be separated from the LED light source, solar panels, battery, controller and light pole system configuration program, and the rural solar street light system control must determine the lighting time and rainy weather. General rural solar street light configuration program: the power of 15W-30W LED lighting source to meet the lighting needs can be deployed as needed.

  Why do rural areas need to choose solar street lights? Solar street lights and solar power generation systems and other products of the main innovation points.

  1, energy saving, it uses natural light sources, no need to consume electricity, and inexhaustible.

  2, environmental protection, in line with green environmental requirements, no pollution, no radiation, to protect the ecology.

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  3, safety, because the product does not use alternating current, and the use of storage batteries to absorb solar energy, through low-voltage direct current into light energy, is the safest power supply.

  4, high technology, the core device of the product is an intelligent controller, set up self-control, time-control switch device can be automatically adjusted according to the brightness of the sky and the brightness people need in various environments during 24 hours a day.

  5, the product has a long service life, low installation cost and easy maintenance.

  Why the installation of solar street lights in rural areas must be lithium batteries? Liao workers for you to explain in detail the main innovation points of lithium battery street lights.

  1, split lithium battery street light, durable, waterproof performance, lithium battery cycle life of more than 500 times (remaining eighty percent of capacity).

  2, split solar street lights, as the name implies, is to assemble the accessories separately, but the old model with lead-acid is buried in the ground causing the battery is not easy to replace maintenance, and the controller is still separate, now the lithium battery is the controller + lithium battery in a waterproof box inside, do not worry about maintenance difficulties, do not worry about bad replacement.

  3, many people ask me ah, said now the lithium battery is so expensive, the cost is so high, it is not good to sell ah, then you are wrong, the following a chart, solve all your worries and worries: the same light, the same working time, the same light, the same light.

The same light, the same working time, the difference is so big.

The same light, the same working time, the difference is so big.

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